God is good all the time =)

wohoooo!! I cant stop praising our BIG God. He is always good. He knows what His children need even when His children do not ask anything from Him. I just experienced His goodness today as I was going to work. However, before I share about His goodness, I shall share to you all about my current problem.

Since I finished my university (not sure yet if I can graduate or not), I have been working full time in Dandenong. It takes me not less that 3.5 hours to go back and forth. I have to go out from my apartment the latest at 7.08 am because my train leaves at 7.12 am. I usually reach Dandenong station at 8.08 am and have to wait for the bus. It takes around 10 minutes or so to wait for the bus and the journey itself to Monterey Road is approximately 15 minutes, depends on traffic. After that, I need to walk from the bus stop to my office for about 15 to 20 minutes. It has been a pain on the ass for this travel. I havent been complaining about it because I have no other choice other than to walk it (it is the fate of food science graduate to work in a company far far away from the city).

But then, about 1 week ago, when I was waiting for bus at the bus stop, a Sri Lankan guy came and talked to me. He has dark skin, problem with his eyes and he's big. He speaks english very well and doesnt appear to be a bad guy. So he started to chat with me, but then his questions started to become more and more dodgy. I can sense that he's asking me things that are too personal : what I do during weekend, where I go (the exact place) and what's even worse is he asked for me mobile number, which i stupidly gave him cos I was too scared. He kept staring at me even though I have tried to ignore him. Firstly, what I did was reading my novel, but I can feel that he's staring at me from the side. Then on the bus itself, again, he stared at me. I feel so insecure, and finger crossed, I hope that I wont meet him anymore cos I dunno what reason I should give if he asks me why I didnt pick up his phone.

So I started to feel uneasy everytime I go to work from then onwards. Even when I go to the office itself, I feel so lazy, especially during this month, the weather is changing to be hotter. I started to think about other options that I can do with it : move to suburb, or get a car. the problems are if I have to move, it means that my sister will stay alone in the city, and she has to pay more; I also need to find carpark if I buy a car. I really dont find it to be a good solution. I talked to my mom too, but she hasnt said anything about it. All I can do is to pray. I never complain to God (it never crosses my mind that I can complain it to God, lol) I prayed to God that he protects me during my journey and that I can be productive at work. That's all I pray to God, I dont dare to ask for more.

He is indeed good, before today, my colleagues have been giving me lift to the station. It happens that the time I finish work is always same with that of my colleagues. But that, another problem is, this doesnt always happen. most of the time they have to stay back and leaving me going to the bus stop by myself. My colleague has been suggesting me to buy a car, and I have to admit that I am kinda influenced by him too (although I have swear that I would not ask anything from my parents anymore cos I dont want to be burden for them).

But then!!!! today, I have been so blessed. the sky has been dark for the whole day (which i love, cos I dun want it to be too shiny and bright. I have to wear black pants and you can imagine how hot it is when the sun is too shiny). Then when I walked to the bus stop, I knew that it's going to rain cos my friend (on the other side of the globe.lol) told me that it's raining there. suddenly, a car stop infront of me. a Sri Lankan girl asked me whether I want a lift. Since she is a girl and she doesnt look suspicious at all, I instantly said yes. I chatted with her in the car. I asked her about her work and stuff, and she appeared to be a good girl. I concluded that she's a good girl when she offers me to pick me up around this time bcos she finishes at 4pm too and she said that she doesnt mind waiting for me another 10 to 20 minutes. I told her that I feel bad if I have her waiting for me but then she says :"it's fine, I have to pay for the petrol anyway if I travel by myself, and If i can help other people, why not". I was so amazed at her heart, then I say something on her car. A small statue of a CROSS. I start to deduce that maybe she's a Christian,but I dont want to ask her bluntly, so I asked "what is that", and she said "Jesus Christ, dont u know?" and i was so happy at that moment. Instantly all questions are answered : it is not by coincidence that she sent me to the station, she is someone that God sent to help me. another happiness is also I know that she is a Christian, which means that she is my sister in Christ. When I reached the station, she said : "see you tomorrow", at that moment, I know that she meant everything that she offered me.

Let us praise our beautiful God. Indeed, He is always so perfect. Our God always know how to surprise us and gives us something that we never expect or even ask. You know what, I never asked Him for all these, yet He provides, which show clearly that He is watching over each and everyone of us.
Isaiah 44:2 , God says "I am a Creator. You were in my care even before you were born".
All we need to do is to focus on Him, and You will be able to feel that joy that God has promised to us. It is also imperative to note that being with God means that our life will always be good and full of blessing. God does not promise that to us, what he promises us is the eternal life, which is far more than what we can get in this world. It may take a big price to be with God, especially during the time when the second coming of the Lord is near, but let us focus on what He has provided us in the heaven. 1 John 4:17 : the world is fading away, along with everything it craves. But if you obey the will of God, you will live forever.

All glory to God

Orange girl ^^


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