A farewell

Farewell ... It is something that I do not think anyone will like to think about. Neither do I. Yet in this life, people come and go whether we like it or not.

This week, I have to wish the very best for my brother in Christ, Andi, as he is going back for good. His presence in my life has meant so much even  though I do not realize it in the first place. 

Let me introduce you who Andi is (according to my version) :
1. He is a cell group leader that is always very humble and never be proud of himself even though he leads a cell group.
2. He is someone who is always to the point. He can randomly asks people if they have spent personal time with God or not. 
3. He is a person who is always willing to help other people. If you need his help and he will always say yes.
4. He is a person who is very talkactive and this is something that makes him unique.
5. He is a person who never complains about his own problems. He always hold on to the value that he believes in.
6. He cares for others and he never wears a mask.
7. sometimes he may be very irritating : want this and that, but that makes him special. 
8. He has taught me how to be humble, and how to serve God.
9. although he only has the chance to share 2 of his sharings towards me, they are such a blessing for me.
10. He treats everyone the same, whether you are good or not, close to him or not. 

I think if I have to mention who Andi really is in this blog, it is unfair for him cos words cant describe him. 
During his last sharing, it was really a hit for me. He did what Jesus did on his last days with his disciples : wash his disciples feet. Andi washed all of our feet, even to think about it now, i start to cry. Andi is a living testimony of a person who loves God so much. I just realise that there have been times where I misunderstand  him, take him for granted and I feel so guilty for that. How could I measure him with my scale? Why didnot I appreciate him more in the past? He is such a wonderful brother in Christ. 

Ko Andi, I pray for your best future endeavour. I believe God sees your hard work, and it has not gone wasted. I do not know how other people's heart is, but my heart has changed because of what I can see in you. You make me realise about how we should always live as a Christian. Thank you for all your help and patience towards us. We will always remember you. This is not the end yet. We do not know when we will meet again in this earth, but I believe that we will one day meet again in heaven. 

All glory to God
Orange girl ^^


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