He holds my future

Thank you Father!! Thank you my everlasting Father, prince of peace, Almighty God!! Thank you that You have always fulfilled Your promises

Let me tell you how God has guided me all this way for the past 4 years
I started my foundation studies in Trinity College without knowing which major I wanted to study in. All I know is : I love Science and Maths. Half way through my studies there, I decided that I wanna take architecture, so I took 4 major subjects : Psychology, math1, math 2 and environment. However, towards the end of my studies, I changed my mind. I dont think that I really like architecture, but then if I wanna go into Melbourne University, I have to take science subjects : Physics, chemistry or biology, and I have none. Thus, I need to move to other University even though I had enough entry score to Melbourne Uni.

So I went to RMIT University and study engineering becos I cant take science major too and I thought engineering will be the closest major to science. I get to study physics for one semester and I realised that I dont really like engineering too. Yes I got good marks but this was not what I want to major in. I want to change course and move to science course cos now I have physics that I can use to go to science degree. Then Im confused,should I continue in RMIT or should I go back to Melbourne Uni? I asked my mom, and she said that if i could go to Melbourne Uni (which is the best uni in Australia), why not? then I followed her opinion.

I regretted so much. First, I am majoring in food science but I dont really get to learn much about food science in Melbourne University compared to RMIT uni. Instead, I get to learn biology, pathology, molecular science which are not very related to food science. Second, I do not have friends there. when I was in RMIT, I have 3 good friends : Zi sheng, Darryl and Grace, but in Melbourne uni, I hardly have anyone because our course is designed in a way where we could choose any electives. Thus, we do not have friends that we can hang out with for the whole day. third,Melbourne Uni costs 30k a year while RMIT 20k a year. It's a huge difference, yet I feel I did not get to learn what I want to.

Now , I am officially a graduate from Melbourne Uni. Recently I have been stressing about staying in Melbourne because the government has made the regulation stricter for international students to stay permanently in Australia. Plus, my occupation "food scientist" is not in the Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL), thus I thought I cant apply for Skilled Graduate (temporary) Visa. The only options that left me was Business long stay visa where my employer sponsors me visa. I have no problem with that because my current employer (also another blessing from God that I have full time job straight after I graduate), is willing to sponsor me. But what troubles me is that I will be "attached" to the company. If say I want to move to another company, I cant, because I feel bad to my boss who has been so nice to me.

I called the immigration department this morning( I thought I am going to wait for hours before I got to talk to them since they have been very busy all the time). I chatted with the girl, she is such a nice girl and she answered almost all my questions patiently. I also called a few agents. in the end, I just realise how God has guided me all this way from my foundation studies till University and after life. Just imagine, why did I have to go to RMIT? becos that is the place where I first encounter Christianity. then, why did I have to go back to Melb Uni? because although I did not get to learn much about Food science, from the subjects that I learnt , I am now eligible to apply for Life scientist in SOL list and thus apply the temporary visa without having my employer to sponsor me visa which means that I do  not have to be "attached" to my company. This also gets me very excited because I have been wanting to work in Yakult, because I pass that company everyday. Further, if I work there, I will be totally eligible for Life scientist because I will be working as a microbiologist.
well, that is my plan, but then I can see how God has guided me all this way. along the way I have complains, I have regrets too, sometimes I am not satisfied with what I have. However, now I understand why this has to be like that since the past 4 years.

All glory to God

Orange Girl


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