God's protection on my journey and miscellaneous

Hi guys.. Im typing this while im at LCCT, KL airport. Haha. Actually i didnt plan to write up a blog so quickly but im just afraid that i will forget the details by the time when i feel like writing.

So.. Today.. A lot of things have happened. My flight was scheduled to fly at 10.30 am and i was already queuing to check in at 8.15. Guess what, till 10.00 i was still in the line due to system difficulties. I was so tired cos i had to stand for that long hours and had to carry my luggage ( stupid enuf to not take one of the available trolleys). Haha. Then when it was my turn, my hand carry was overweight by 3 kgs. I was asked to take out those 3 kgs. At that time i couldnt think of anytg else that i can do except i had to throw all my jeans ( they are really heavy, i've worn them for more than a year so would nt consider twice to not throw it away. Haha) . But luckily there was one lady who was in front of me when i was queuing earlier who came up to me to offer the help of carrying those jeans until we passed the customs. I felt so blessed at that time.
The flight finally took off at 12 pm and i reached KL at 5 pm( kl time ). The girl sat beside me had to fly again at 6 pm and she didnt even know if she could make it. At that time i jst felt so blessed again tht i didnt book flight to medan at 6 even thou there was one. I guess it was all planned by God. Then i reached the airport, at marrybrown chicken and rujak. Heaven! Hahaha... While i was sitting, suddenly a guy came up to me and started talking in mandarin. From the look i can tell
Tht he is malaysians. Apparently he was a volunteer from an organisation tht takes care of disabled people. The purpose he came up to me was to asked for donation. At first i was hesitant, becos im afraid tht he may. Be a swindler. But then he showed me his id, his pics with all the disabled pll and few other documents i felt more convinced. Then i was also remembered that this morning i prayed to God to bring ppl to my life whom i can bless and i know tht it is not a coincidence tht i met this guy. Even thou i believe God will be more happy if i am the one who initiate to look around me for those who i can bless. So in the end i did give him 300myr tht i have got a day before my departure from money exchange. And i added a 300 rupiah cos i've got no more myr. Mind you, this was my first time to withdraw money from my account and went for exchange. usually during my journey i will bring just enough cash to eat and for transport. This further shows that it is not a coincidence. Even thou the money was actually my plan to be used for holiday later during the month but im not worried abt it at all. In fact i feel blessed to be able to bless the people in need. Even if the guy appears to be a swindler i believe that God will still somehow work it out. Hehe. It was really an act of faith for me. I didnt plan to tell this to anyone esp my family member cos i know that they will think that im crazy and will call me stupid to easily trust a stranger. However, i really want to write this down in my blog so tht i can remember it and so others will be able to be blessed too.

Now i am more determined that God really works in the area of my finance. Not bringing more money to my account, haha, but to use the money that He gave me for the people that He wants to help. That alone makes me feel happy cos i know this is one of the purposes why i am created .

Okay.. I guess i better published this before all the stuff tht i have typed from my phone is deleted. Lol. I still have to wait another an hour but it's okay, i feel extremely excited to see my family later. Hehe
Oh yea,
Earlier this morning i have already prayed to God for a smooth journey, it doesnt appear to be a smooth journey in the beginning but in fact thru this not so smooth journey i can see God involved in every single thing. Hehe

Blessed are those who have regard for the weak;
the Lord delivers them in times of trouble. The Lord protects and preserves them—
they are counted among the blessed in the land—
he does not give them over to the desire of their foes. The Lord sustains them on their sickbed
and restores them from their bed of illness. (Psalm 41:1-3 NIV)

All glory to God
Orange girl ^^


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