2011. Recap of what has happened. 2012. new year resolutions

Time flies... it is now the 4th day of 2012. Can u believe it?  I am still overwhelmed.
2011 for me seems to be super fast.  So many things have happened. I wouldnt say that it is the best year of my life, in fact, there has been a lot of pain that I experienced in 2011. However, I can now say that even though it may seems to be painful but I believe that everything happens for my own good cos I have a good God =)

So here is the recap of what has had happened in 2011 ( major ones that I remember):
January - February : I had holiday in Medan, did not do much, just hang out with friends and family.
February : coming back to Melbourne, get back to work, a not so happy incident happened (where I was blocked by someone I used to love so much)
March - May : struggle so very very much to let go of the past, the relationship, the feeling, the anger, the disappointment, the love, it's very draining (actually for the whole 2011 I am struggling with the same problem). at the same time, I was also stress at work cos my employer is experiencing crisis and he has been very moody and emotional ( I have also shared this in my previous blog).
April : my sister encountered God at Easter camp (isnt God awesome? He always fulfills His promises =) prayer never goes in vain )
June : God opens a door for me to work in this new company that I had been waiting for a month. I also start volunteer in the hospital which is a very challenging experience.
July: met Arnouk and Stefan from Holland. they have been blessing in my life from July to December.
August - November : these few months have been awesome months as you all know that I have been involved in Christmas Corp. I learnt so much things such as fundraising, sponsorship, working on a project, making sure that everything finishes on time, and last but not least I get to know all the amazing people in my church. This experience is truly priceless and it really challenges me a lot in terms of how I handle stuff in my life.
December: relaxing month, even though there was one major incident happened again whereby I was faced with my past. I was once again needed to deal with all the disappointment, anger and lost of hope. However, at the same time, thank you so much for God's guidance that I was able to move on, even though it took me 1.5 years to face it, to let go, but at last I am able to say : God, I have had enough of this turmoil, I am now handing him back to you, I no longer want to control my own life, my own feeling, but I want to give You my all Lord, I want to serve You wholeheartedly. the past is just a memory, it wouldnt do me any good if I dwell on it, so Father, I am giving You back what I was supposed to give 1.5 years ago. Thank you Father for opening my heart and for giving me the strength to be able to do this and this is your birthday present Father.

Looking back at my 2011, I have some things that I regretted, some things that I am thankful for, some things that made me overwhelmed and so many things that have taught me how to be a woman of God. Even though it is a painful year like I mentioned before, I am still thankful for every single thing that has happened because without all those things, I would not be who I am today.

I am looking forward to 2012, and here are my new year resolutions :
1. leave the past behind TOTALLY.
2. focus on doing God's will - bring more people to Christ, become an intercessor, involve in more non-profit organisations (maybe another 1 or 2).
3. bring my parents to Israel by the end of December 2012 or early 2013
4. spend time with God - never skip a day without prayer and bible reading
5. Live healthily - eat healthy food ( which means cutting back carbs, sugar and chocolate =( ) and exercise regularly
6. make a change to Indonesia - at the moment I am still blur how I am going to do this or what I can do, but I believe God will lead me step by step ^^

actually I have already written down my resolutions in my diary since 1/1/2012, but I thought it will be worthwhile to post it in my blog too so I can stay focus and achieve the resolutions as many as I can. After all, it is still better to have resolution than none, isnt it?

Glory to God
Orange girl ^^


  1. Nice goal as ever (except no 1 maybe).

    Can i ask you something? Have you ever in this situation? Sorry if this is a bit messy and uncoordinated.

    Someone you love(not in romantic sense) is in trouble. You want to help, but by doing so you might face adversity in future. Your help won't actually help much. That problem might have arisen because of your choice (and that he love you) or that problem might arise regardless of what you choose in the past.

    I will feel bad if i don't help and in the future that person suffers. In that case i might not be able to forgive myself. I will feel as if I abandon him.

    But i know that even if i try to help it won't actually help. I have tried to help before and it is really insignificant. And i will feel as if i risk my future for nothing.

    I know that the only thing I can really do is pray and believe in His plan for me. That I should help regardless of whether that really help, That God will acompany me when i face adversity because of i try to do what is right. That even if i,myself, try to avoid problem i will be alright, Everything can still happpen.

    Even so I'am still afraid to make a decision. I'm still afraid of the future. And i start to hate myself, start to hate my helplessness.

    Anyway thanks for reading this.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for the comment. I do not really understand what you are trying to say thus i cant really answer you if I have experienced that before.

    From what I get is that you are really scared of making a decision whether to help or not? you really want to help that person but you are afraid that you will create more problem than help? at the same time you are also scared that your help will mean nothing to the person? I am correct? correct me if I am wrong.

    Well, firstly I just want to say that all you need to do is to seek God and ask Him if He wants to use you to help the person or not? because ultimately we are just the vessel that God uses to carry out His purpose for people in our lives. Secondly, no one will be able to know whether the help will be helpful or not. Maybe at the moment it seems to be insignificant, but we do not know what it will mean in the future rite? I guess it is very important for us to not make assumption for ourselves, but to trust that God will make everything good even if we chose the wrong path. one thing that I always believe is that everything happens in our lives is for our good, so even the bad things will eventually be a good thing in our life. For example, I was struggling so much last year at my workplace as my boss was very moody. It was obviously not a good thing, but now to think about it again, thru that experience, I have really known how to surrender and trust God. I guess if I do not experience that, I wouldnt understand how it feels like to totally surrender to His will.

    Another advice that I can give you is that, dont look back. U mention that u tried to help before but it was insignificant, well... things change, there is up and down in people life, you cant always assume that it will always be insignificant. dont let the past experience haunts u, but let it be a motivation for u to strive even better.

    U dont have to be afraid about anything except God. Even your future. If u really trust Him, u will come to understand that ur future will be bright because ur future is in His hands. Love yourself, dont hate urself. U know God loves us even if we do not deserve it. Even God who is so holy can accept us, why cant we accept ourselves? try to view urself as how God views u. You are precious in His eyes. believe that even if bad things have to happen to ur life, He is still going to walk this with u. U are not alone. Believe,have faith and it will happen according to ur faith.

    Hope it helps

    Thanks for sharing =)

  3. That is an interesting perspective. I never see it from that perspective. Before I let my fear of the future takes control of me. This, your next post and the sermon from my church last sunday makes me feeling better. Maybe I'll share the full story later.


    1. Hi,

      I am super uber grateful that my little sharing could help u. Of cos i wouldnt be able to do this alone, God has interfered in this i believe, it is also not a coincidence that u shared in the comments. Haha.. To be honest it has never occured to me that there will be an anonymous who will make a comment about my post and share abt his/her Problem.

      Again i want to thank u for sharing with me and hope to hear from u again later


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