I trust in money


I  would like to quickly share this video with you because this message hits me a lot! like seriously a lot! haha.

So here's the synopsis ( you all should watch it):
Craig ( the preacher ) was sharing about what practical atheist it. Basically it is someone who trust in God but act as if God doesnt exist. Interesting?? So many people believe in God but they trust in their money. How many of you will say no to money gives happiness? how many of you will say yes to a little bit more money will be great?? there's a story about a young wealthy man in the bible who came to Jesus to ask about how he can be righteous with God. Then Jesus answered Him : go and sell all your possession and give it to the poor. Then come and follow me. this is what the man responses : he was sad and went away, because he has great wealth. Now, when I read this verse, in my heart I will say to God : God, I will not do that to you cos I do not have great wealth anyway. But how many of u realise that we are actually super rich ? there are billions of people out there who live under $2 daily, who do not have runny water in their house and have to walk few kilometres to get water ( and even so, the water is not clean), who do not have electricity or even a decent lamp? You see, compare to them, are we not rich with air-con during summer, heater during winter, etc? when Jesus says that to the wealthy man, he is actually saying it to u and me because most of the time we do not realise that we are worshipping money. Now the bible says that the love of money is the root of evil. The money itself is not the problem, but when we regard the money as our security, that is when it becomes evil.

Up till before I watch the video, I wouldnt call myself as trusting in money. but then when Craig mentions about security, it hits me so much because I just realise that I feel secure when I have certain amount of money in my bank account. When I imagine myself losing all those savings, i started to be shaky. You see, somehow I have worshipped God and money and it is not possible because we cant worship both. Craig also continue to say that when we are far from God, that is when everything else looks very enticing. In other words, when we say that we love God, we become strangely content because everything else becomes worthless. However, we know that we do not know God when most of the time we are thinking about working our ass off, buying house, shopping, on and on the list.

Craig also gives another example in the bible about Zacheus. As we all know, Zacheus is a tax collector and in that era, tax collector is basically a legal criminal because they can do this : let say you owe government $50 but the tax collector has the authority to collect $70 from you and keep the remaining $20 to himself. Zacheus is a very short man, and there was once Jesus passes by with a crowd. Since he is very small, he climb up to the tree to see Jesus. After he saw who Jesus was, he said this (luke 19:8) : Look Lord,  here and now I give half of  my possessions to the poor and if i cheated anyone out of anything, I will repay the four times the amount. Since he has seen Jesus, everything else does not matter to him anymore. Jesus said to him : today salvation has come to ur house. Now, salvation did not come because he gave half of his possessions, but he gave half of his possessions because salvation comes. Zacheus realises what really matters in his life.

Often we say that we serve God and we want to follow Him and to be used for His glory. Instead of using our money and serving God, we serve and worship money and ask God to provide us with more money. We seek God's hands instead of His face. We are more interested in God giving us something that we do about God's character. When we really love God and wants to serve Him, we become SUPER GENEROUS to the point that we do not rationalise ourselves in giving our possessions anymore. That is the true meaning of trusting God.

God, I thank you for showing this message to me and revealing my weakness again. Today I want to recommit myself to you, surrender my all, including my possessions because I want to love You with all my heart and knowing that nothing else matters in the world other than You. teach me o Lord to walk in ur path, to carry the cross and to be a true disciple. Let me be strangely content with what I have now and be insanely generous to You Father. Amen.

All glory to God,
Orange girl ^^


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