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Sigh... Yesterday night i was so into writing my blog that i actually typed it all out in my dark room cos im already ready to sleep haha but guess what, i accidentally deleted everthing.... T.T but anyway, i wont lose to the technology.haha

So.. What prompt me to write this blog? Bcos.. . I have been blessed so much by this method of bible study. When i was reading my past entries of my blog, i realise that i have used a lot of references from the books i read, which is not bad, because those are still references from God..however the bad is that those revelations are for the authors and not so much to me. I used to depend on those books. My spiritual life could be dry when i wasnt reading as much.
This year,  i am officially BSF group leader which means I have my own group and I have to do the Homiletics and everyday study questions. Imagine u have to cram all this into your busy week.. Sometimes i barely made it... I have to rush thru everything which is bad bcos the bible study wont be as effective. Nevertheless, i never thought i could gain my own revelations from God which i cant wait to share in my blog (just dont have time to write it all out).

Okay, Hope you are now excited to find out what Homiletics is. I wont describe the meaning but in BSF basically it is a method of unlocking the word of God that you get the best out of it that speaks specifically to your life at that moment. Before studying this method, i could never read the bible by itself. I always need a study book or some sort of other books that interpret that passage to me. Lets get to it

Firstly, find the CONTENTS
Say you are looking at Genesis chapter 1. So there are 31 verses. Your job is to group the similar verses together but in numerical order. In other words, you can combine verse 1 and 10. Your content MUST NOT exceed 20 items and it MUST NOT  have your own interpretation. Basically it will just contain facts.

Secondly, find the DIVISION
After you get the contents. Start to group them into smaller chuncks. We call it Division..your division should be 2 to 4 only. And remember, you dont add any new ideas yourself. Basically it is a summary of the verses which is concise but contains everything

Thirdly, make your own SUBJECT SENTENCE
This is the hardest!!! Haha cos u know why? You need to summarise the passage into 10 words (not more than that) in a way then when ppl look at it they know which book and chapter it comes from in the Bible. But dont panic, practice makes perfect

Fourthly, AIM
Start your sentence with CATL ( Cause Audience To Learn.....) . Basically it is the aim of the passage. What this passage trying to teach us, what God tries to tell us, what message this passage tries to carry over to the audience

creates open questions that can trigger the audience to do sth about their life after reading the passage.avoid yes no questions and avoid questions that ask for facts.  But more to questions start with How and What and others as long as that can help with triggering an action.

Yay... We are done. Its not hard isnt it?

Dont worry... I will give you my own example. Please treat it just as an example.. Cos it is not perfect. Urs maybe different from mine cos the message God gave u is most likely to be different to mine. Im giving u an example just so it can help u visualise what i was explaining above.

All glory to God

Orange girl ;)


  1. Wow Sheila, I'm so happy to have found your blog! I remember the first (and only) time I went to BSF with you. I feel so proud of you while reading this post, you have certainly come a long way since that first meeting! You continue to be an inspiration to me, I am definitely going to try this Homiletics thing out :) Love you always!

    1. Hey Noukie... Haha this is so random. How did u find out my blog btw? Feel so shy now. Lol. Yes we have so many POJ members who also join BSF. So happy. Haha... U shld find whether theres one there so we can discuss questions tghtr ;)

  2. dude, your blog is posted publicly in Facebook! talking about how do people find your blog huh? haahaha


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