His restoration - He provision and protection

I flew to Bangkok 10 days ago for short trip holiday before going back to my hometown and then Jakarta to attend my bestfriend's wedding. During my visit in Bangkok, my make up bag was stolen. My bag was cut wide open without my knowledge and I only realised it when I reached my hotel. At that time I didnt know that I lost my makeup bag because I was so happy to see that I didnt lose my wallet and my mobilephone. I was praising God and all that night.

Then next day I realise that I lost my makeup bag, to be honest i felt abit disappointed and felt abit "stupid" for thanking God (i know im bad ... -_- ). The reason for being upset was because my bestie just gave me a lipbalm and oil blotting paper from Japan 2 days before i lost it, and a Swarovski pen i got from my sister, and a few other stuff in there.thou wallet and phone sound more important, for me the makeup bag carries special meaning ( including the bag itself cos it was handmade).
Anyway thou i felt abit disappointed I just have to keep assuring my flesh that everything happens for my good

Fast forward i attended my bestie's bridal shower 10 days later, and guess what i received? A makeup bag! Haha a nice one too with the bride and groom's initial. Before the bridal shower i was looking for a nice makeup bag evrytime i went shopping but couldnt find suitable one.
Then on the wedding day itself everyone receives souvenir from the couple and guess what it was? A swarovski pen with the couple's initial. It was so crazy, in just 3 days i feel that i got back these 2 things. Thou it was different to the original ones but i felt like God restores what was lost.

Thou it might not be something significant but it has significant meaning in a way that if God can restore this small things that were precious to me and He cares, He can also restore anything else worse that has ever happened to me, whether it was because of my own wrongdoings or caused by others. Back again to Romans 8:28.
And if God cares for small thing like this, He would care for even bigger things in our lives. He is indeed our provider and never too late. I could just rush and get new bag and pen and everything else, but God is never rushing , in His timing everything will be beautiful. Similarly, if theres anything that we have been wishing for or wanting to get or praying to happen, know that He knows all the details and He will give them all in His timing, His way and for His glory.

Dont lose hope and dont depend on your own strength. Why bother? Rest in God and know that He is able and He will do it. He will , trust me, it is so true that Christians live by faith not by sight.
Devil wants us to see and believe , thats why he tempted Eve to keep looking at the fruit and believes his lie but all God wants us to just believe in what He says and we will see it.

God bless

Orange girl :)


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