It is funny how I choose to write my blog while I am going to have my first exam in a couple of hours. I do not know what pushes me to write this blog, but I just feel like writing, I wanna share my joy, unending joy that comes from God.

For the past 2 weeks, somehow I feel empty, feel a little bit dissatisfied with myself. I did read the word, did pray, but somehow, I felt that God is far far away from me and I couldnt neither concentrate on my quiet time nor on my prayers. I thought : there must be something wrong with me. Indeed yes,there was no joy in my heart, even though yes I waas active in my ministry in church. I realise that I have been too busy with my own stuff that I forgot the essence of listening to God : sitting in front of Him and just listen to Him. When I prayed, I just babbled out all my worries, problems and the wants to Him, I forgot to slow down and listened to what He wanted to tell me. As the result, there was communication break down between me and God, and there was no longer joy that I once experienced because there was barrier between us.

When I realised that, I forced myself to read my devotional, forced myself to focus on it, while the other part of my mind was wandering to other stuff. Then I came to this chapter "Offering the sacrifice of Joy"  in the book " A women's walk with God" by Elizabeth George. It says this :

Joy is distinctly a Christian word and a Christian thing. It is the reverse of happiness. Happiness is the result of what happens of an agreeable sort. Joy has its springs deep down inside. And that spring never runs dry, no matter what happens. Only Jesus gives that joy. He had joy, singing its music within, even under the shadow of the cross.

And then it starts to give one example:
when Jesus was about to be handed to Judas and the Romans, he was so devastated, scared and he cried and weeped. yet, there was joy in Him  (John 16:20)

The reasons why we can always be joyful is because joy is permanent, and where can we get the joy ?
1. God himself (Psalm 43:4)
2. God's salvation (Isaiah 61:10)
3. God's promises
4. God's kingdom (Acts 13:48-49)
5. Our future in Christ (Psalm 16:11)
U can check out the verse in your bible, cos I dont have time to write them out ;p

Again another example comes from Paul
He underwent dark times : seized, brought to authorities, attacked by crowd, whipped, beated and thrown into jail (Acts 16:16-24)
But then !! He can still pray and sing hymns to God (Verse 25), which results in God's message being proclaimed to other prisoners

When I think about all these, I gain an insight : This is what makes Christians different from others. We are not only happy when the world gives us the things that we want. But we are always joyful, even when our situation is not supporting. Again, note that joy comes from heart, does not mean that since we are Christians, we have to force ourselves to be happy. It is when we are in union with Christ,then we are filled with joy (Phil 4:4). Since then, no matter what my condition is, I always feel joy. Even though maybe I dont feel God when I pray, I still feel joy, because I hold on to His promises, His kingdom and I know that my future is in His hands. Even though, yes, I just listened to the sermon from my church that Global crisis is not getting any better, but that doesnt change my joy, I still feel joyful,because I am prepared for the worst. I can always equip myself with the word of God through any situations. What is even more is, I need to be joyful so people surrounding me can feel the joy that only God can give to them. Global crisis is scary, but God has said : The world is evil , but be still cos I have conquered the world.

God bless u.

P.S : my sharing may be a simplified version about joy, but if you really wanna know more about joy, email me, and I will share with you more about it =). If not, try to read the book that I mentioned about, there is also the man's version.

All glory to God,
Orange girl


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