Matthew 6:33 is REAL

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Really, trully, seriously, that verse is alive. At least that is what I experienced and I really want to share it here NOW. For the past 2 weeks I have been so busy with church stuff, I am involved in the fundraising for church event, I also involve in the dance, I still usher to manage, prayer ministry every week, oikos for all core team member in church and last but not least my own oikos on every fridays. To cut it short, I really do not have time for myself. When I have spare time, it will either for meeting ( for the church event ) and also GO OUT (which is the class to teach us how to reach out to the lost). I have worked as well! oh Gosh, really, it drains me to the core, I am even busier than the time i had at uni. 

I have been wanting to get a new job, because I have been working at my current workplace for almost 1,5 years and I can say that my growth in that company is somehow stucked. Well, I still learn, but not to a point where i really feel interested in it. I studied in the area of food science but what I learn more now is about machines and chemicals. HOWEVER, due to the heaps stuff that I need to take care of, I really dont have time to find work. I can only apply through websites but that's even only once a week where I can do it. In the end, I only manages to apply not even up to 5 companies. what's even worse was that I made a lot of mistakes in my resume, like 2 exact sentences in my cover letter or spelling mistakes in my resume. LOL !! no wonder I did not get any reply from any of the companies, well, i do not blame them because I did not do much effort on it, I cant even call them to follow up. How bad could that be. so yea.. i really do not wish much on it, but I still keep on praying, although sometimes i did forget about it too.

On the other side, I feel very tired at times too, sometimes i really want to quit on what I am doing. The fundraising really takes up a lot of my time, believe it or not, up to a point where i want to quit (sorry project manager ><). But here comes our great God! so.. we need to raise about 4k,and it's a lot of money, while every wk the fundraising only gives about 200. then, my manager in this event one day told me that we have got sponsors, guess what, we got about 2,8k just from sponsors. moreover, the people in church who prepared the food for fundraising, they did not only spend their time in making the food, but money as well. so.. i did not need to pay them the base price, whatever that we sold, the whole amount will go to the fund. in summary, just in 3 wks, we managed to raise 4k! I feel so relieved! I thank God so much, really miracle exists. 

Not only that, 1 or 2 wks after i sent my 'stupid' resumes, and I realised my mistakes, I quickly edited them. i try to seek job from the website again, but i only found 2 that matches my search, so i sent the resume to them. One replied the next day saying that I was rejected. The other one called me last tuesday, but I did not manage to answer the call because I was working. She left a voice message for me. it was unknown number btw. usually i wouldnt bother to check the voice messages. There were 20msgs already but never ever i listened to any of them since i used my phone, but this one, i dunno, but somehow i felt that it is the company that i applied to call me. to be honest, i dont even remember to whom i applied the jobs, but there was urge in my heart that asked me to check it out. In the end, I checked my voicemail (the first voicemail was in April 2010!! ). Indeed, it was from the agent that I applied to. I called the agent the next day and agreed to have an interview on friday ( I felt so so so bad to my boss having to lie to him that i had a doctor appointment =( )

At the same time, I have been encouraging my friend who was in the same batch as me in uni to find a job. I encourage her to pray and dont lose hope in God. guess what, on that friday too, she got a job. I was so happy for her. What's even happier is that the agent actually offered me a job in the company that my friend just got the job from. I was bliss basically. well, I havent got the job yet, I am still waiting for the reply from the company, but I really have the faith that I can get the job. Even if i dont get the job in that company, i am not worried because the agent highly recommends me. 

Again, I dont boast about myself, all this happens because of our great God. Just imagine, my friend has applied to hundreds of companies, and she has been waiting for 3 months, but how come she just get it now? and me? who only applies to a few and i did not even make further effort to get a job, yet God still opens the door for me. really, when you put God's job and His work first in your life, everything else will be added onto you. You dont have to beg for jobs, you dont have to be stress about it, because God is our provider. 

I have so much more to share with you, but i'll leave it for next time,since i feel drowsy already, haha.. 

All glory to God

Orange girl ^^


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