Not quite what I've expected to be

I am here to tell you bad news =( Well, from what I've shared in my previous post, the result was not quite as what I've projected it to be. I guess God has another plan. The agent told me that they no longer deal with that QA position, which means that I am not fortunate enough to join the company, in order words, dont give up, keep on looking for another position. Guess what, at the same time my boss also told me that we are not going to China at the end of this month. Hmm.. not quite as what I've thought huh. Well, I dont blame God, dissappointed ? a little bit. I can choose to blame God : why is it that even though I can see it but I can have it? However, i dont choose to response it that way, because I believe in God's perfect plan. I believe that when God does not give me the job, He has a better job for me. When God does not give me the chance to go to China, He wants me to do something else. In fact, I feel  relieve because if I am to go to China, how can i tell my boss that I want to quit? I will feel very very very guilty. I guess this is the best decision. I do not lose hope as well because the hope that I put is not on the companies but on God and I believe that God will bless me according to His riches. For those who are still looking for jobs, please do not give up. Keep on praying, keep on searching God's words. He says in Proverbs 24:33 A little sleep, a little slumber,  a little folding of the hands to rest— 34 and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man.
Definitely we know from this verse that God does not like people who are lazy, so we can claim to God : God, here we are, you know we are jobless and you do not like people who are lazy. We do not want to be lazy, so today, we pray o Lord that you will give us a job according to your riches, according to Your will and that Your will be done in our life. Additionally, because God says as well that whatever that He says will not come back empty and without results. Hence, we can pray with confidence, that God will hear us and that He will grant our wish. 

Please please please.. do not lose hope. God is our tower of refuge and strength. You can see from what I experienced, the job was so near yet I could not reach it. It is as if im catching wind with my hand, yet I do not grow bitter because I know that God will not abandon me and He holds my future. Let us keep on praying, beseeching God. Ask, seek and knock. 

All glory to God
Orange girl ^^


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