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So so so many things to share till i dunno where to start. Firstly, i've got a new job!! Yay. My new company is Langdon ingredients. Such a big company, when i first entered the office, i fell in love with it already. Lol. Honestly i wouldnot consider getting this job is due to my own effort. I still remember clearly that i did not prepare at all bcos i was waiting for another interview from another big company too that is in the city ( near to where i stay, while Langdon is so far away. I have to take half an hour train, 15 mins bus and 30 mins walk). So i have always considered this interview opportunity as my opportunity to practice my interview skill ( since this is my first time to have an interview directly with a company). Then i passed the first interview, which i was very surprised because i dont think i have anything that they want other than willingness to learn, which obviously most people have this kind of attitude. Then i was asked to go to another interview the following week. I went there again( again, 3 hrs journey time and 30 mins interview time, what a sacrifice). This time, im pretty sure that i did not do well because the interviewer did not gimme a very good response. I felt a little bit disappointed ( for sure!!) and no longer wish to get the job especially i didnt get the phone call on that day while the HR manager already informed me that she's going to call in the afternoon. However, the following day, i got a phone call from her , and yes, i was rejected for that position but it's very funny that she offers me another position, it's a full time position but 6 months contract in the view of going into permanent position (finger cross). I was very happy, but only 1 thing, the getting there is the hard part and so I started to consider about getting a car (but again, there're so many hassles which I wont mention here). I was also started to be shaky about my decision because I start to think, what if I have to leave the company after 6 months? where should I go? I was very anxious, then until about 2 days ago, when my boss chatted with me, he asked me whether I've got a new job or not. I honestly tell him this time that I've got this one and tell him about the situation.What is shocking is that he told me that i can work with him if after 6 months I dont like the  job and he will even increase my pay a lot more ( he asked me about my wages for my next company btw). I feel very2 blessed cos I know that my boss mentioned to me before that once a person quit from his company, he would not consider getting him/her back because he had an awful experience before, but he considers me!! I felt like crying, especially I knew that my mom asked me the day before to ask my boss if there's any chance for me to go back to the company if I found this one is not what I want, but I rejected her request cos I know what my boss' response will be.God is awesome isnt He? I dont even need to ask but I was offered.

Anyway, guess what, when i am writing this paragraph, this is the third day since i first the first paragraph. U can imagine how many things have had happened during this time. This morning, i got a phone call from 2 person. First, my agent for the DTS that i had the interview with. I was informed that i did well with the interview and i can go to work starting on 14 june since 13 june is queen's birthday. I was thrilled!!! Cos i have been worrying the whole day yesterday because i havent heard from it. However, i was so stressed as well as i dont know what excuse I should give to Langdon. Honestly i dunno why i feel sad that i had to reject the offer.i dont want to disappoint the HR manager cos she has been so good to me and has been helpful. I started to love Langdon already. If only Langdon is not far, i wouldnt think twice about working there. Anyway, then i asked my pastor about the reason that i should give. To be honest, i would have lied in my email about the reason of i didnt ask my pastor. In my mind, i still hope that there's chance for me to work with Langdon in the future thus i want to keep my reputation good. However, i decided to follow what my pastor asked me to say, which is the truth, not d whole truth though because i mentioned that the job that i got is a permanent role while it is not, even though that there's a chance that it will be permanent. Please forgive me Lord. I feel extremely bad, that's why even after i get this job, i dont feel happy. Sighh... I hope everything will turn out to be good.

And about the other person who called me, i would like to leave it for my next post =)

All glory to God

Orange girl ^^


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