The joy and sweat of fundraising xD

Yes.. Fundraising is tiring yet at the end of the day, I can say that I am joyful. Last sunday I had to cook 60 boxes of NASI UDUK for our church fundraising. To be honest, this is my first time doing fundraising by myself and THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! making nasi uduk. hahahhaha... My sis laughs at me, saying that I am so daring, like what if it is not tasty. Honestly, I didnot think about that when I agreed to make nasi uduk. All I thought was that I really really  dont want to miss any week without fundraising and I want to make high-demand-food. It never crosses my mind that making 60 boxes would be so draining, physically and mentally. Thank God,not spiritually. hahah.. My project manager offered help, but I rejected it because I was just too ashamed of the state of my apartment; too messy for people to visit.

So... I started to get worried by wednesday. I started asking here and there about how to make nasi uduk. I even browsed videos uploaded on youtube by some people on how to make nasi uduk. I tried to make it for myself once but it failed. after that, I was getting even more nervous. I know that I have to work till 3pm on saturday yet I needed to cook, so I started to buy some of the stuff that I need from the market like take away boxes, coconut cream, chicken marinade sauce, the stuff that will not expired in days. hehe. Thank God that my sister is very helpful, she helped me to get some of the ingredients too, but then she couldnt find any anchovy in the asian groceries, neither could me. Now, this is the amazing thing, like I have mentioned before, there is always favor of God in this fundraising thing that I did. I asked my friend where I could get it over sms earlier, but later the afternoon, when she went to Boxhill asian groceries, she found the anchovy, then she called me and get 8 bags of the anchovy. I was like, WOW!! I mean, my friend is not from my church, yet she would think about me and get it for me. I am so touched yet so grateful that really, when we do what we can, God will do what we cannot do (Joyce Meyer).

The hard part was that on Tuesday, my back started to ache so much till the point where I needed to see acupunture on Thursday. Just to inform you, I hate to visit doctor even thou me myself would like to be one, hahah.. so I guess you could imagine how painful it has been for me till the point where I am willing to go and see the doctor. I couldnot even push the trolley and carry thing as heavy as 1 kg. Thank God, on friday, my sis went to groceries with me and she helps me carry a lot of the stuff, thank you sis....She also helped me to fried the chicken on saturday morning when I went to work.

On Saturday, another trial came along. We have less workers on weekend which means that we need to do more work on weekend. What's even worse was that one of my coworker was sick and he was supposed to run the machine with me. In the end, I had to do his stuff too ( because I was bullied by another worker). my back hurts so so so badly, I had not recovered on that day, but I just forced myself to do it.  I had to work 1 hour overtime on that day, the work on that day was very intense. Haiz.. I cant even describe  it. Then I went home, I reached home at 4.30 and straight away did the cooking till 11pm. Can you imagine that I actually stand from 7am till 11pm with the pain on my back. I was totally exhausted, I almost cried out on that day. It was also the first time that I depend on God so much, I prayed to God to give me the strength to go through the day, I even had to sit on my kitchen floor when packing the food. I failed making some batches of the rice and need to correct them. I was so so so scared that it would not turn out to be tasty. The rice was too soft and it stuck together, it looks more like rice cake, hahahha... I really dont have the confidence, I kept on counting the number of boxes that I had made. from 10, 20, 30, 40, when it reached 40, I almost gave up. I am serious, I even thought of telling them if I could give them the rice the following week.hahahha...

I did not give up even though I was so tempted to, just prayed that God gives me strength, and He DID!! and yes, forgot to tell you, I actually prayed for healing for myself. I put my hand on the area where the pain was, then I just prayed for healing. It did not happen straight away though, but I can tell you that today, I can do activities much better than before. I am still learning to believe that I will get the healing though, hehehe... Today I just realised that actually my coworker(another one) on my workplace , she and her husband actually prayed for me for healing. She prayed for me since friday when I showed her the bruises that I got from acupunture. I was so so so touched by her heart. This is also the first time I was prayed by someone I am not close to willingly and I believe that it was also because of her prayer and from my friends that my health would advance so much.

 Then then then... at the same time, some people in church said that the rice was tasty, hahhaha.. omg, that really made my day. You have no idea how worried I was about the outcome of the stuff that I cooked. T.T Again, i can only say that all these are possible because there's God's favor in this area.

This is really an amazing experience for me : exciting, tiring, joyful, thrilling, haha.. but I am really glad that even though there were so many troubles that I faced along the way, God is with me and I have nothing to worry about.

All glory to God

Orange girl ^^


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