My new workplace

Today is my second day at work. When people ask me what i do at work, i honestly dont know how to answer it because it involves data entry and specimen reception and many other things. The job desc sounds simple but the work is a little bit complicated. Maybe after a while i will get bored eventually.

Anyway.. that is not the main point. Because i m in sample reception, i often received product of conception such as fetus sample, placenta sample , and most of the time is sample from the fetus that has been miscarriaged. My heart feels so heavy whenever i see those sample. I just feel sad for them. Sad that the baby had to die for the parents and sad for the parents. Today at prayer, when i was in the middle of prayer, it got me thinking that why didnt i pray for the family? there must be reason why i am in this department and there must be a mission why I m here. For now i know that this is what i can do, that is to pray for those whom are less fortunate. If i feel sad for them yet do nothing, what good can come out for it? thus, i have decided that i will take time to pray for them bcos i believe in the power of prayer.

This sharing is quite short and actually i have also decided to write more in this blog. I dont want to miss anything in my journey with Christ. He is too good to be missed •﹏•

In conclusion, let me challenge u today. what can u do in ur workplace? what will u do to make sure that God can still be in the centre of ur workplace and not just at church or at home? will u start to look out to those around u that are hurting and start to pray for them? or will u just sit at ur comfort zone and be satisfied with urself?

Life is full of choices. God is everywhere to be found but it is ur choice whether u want to include Him in every part of ur life or just certain rooms in ur house.


Orange Girl  (o^^)o


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