He cares

Finally i could have some good news to share. I know i have been missing in my blog for a while. Sorry God, i should have shared more about Your glory and Your goodness.

Alright, so as i have mentioned before.. this year has been such a challenging year for me. The reason behind is that there are a lot of waiting rooms and i hate waiting. For me, waiting is one of the hardest thing to do as I walk my journey with God. There are so many things that I am waiting.. for example waiting for God to tell me whether i will be in indo or aussie, whether to do nursing or not, whether to persist in getting pr or not, etc.

During these last few months it has been draining at the same time rewarding. I have learnt to trust in Him and I really see how God guides my path.

Few months ago when I was volunteering in the hospital,  i ever thought to myself that how good it is if one day i can work at royal children hospital. I dont even volunteer at royal children at that time. Guess what, today this really happens. Even though i dont work at royal children at a nurse but the fact that i am working at the building is just overwhelming. Honestly this year's plan has been totally different from what i have planned. I dont even plan to move company but somehow God allows my situation to make me apply for new jobs. Everything happens so fast, i am blessed because i know it is so hard to get a new job out there nowadays and i applied not a even 10 jobs and God amazingly gave me what has been my wished long time ago. If it wasnt God i wouldnt have been able to get this job bcos i am not even qualified and i never did admin stuff before. Another amazing example of my experience is that few years back i told my ex that one day i would love to be a cell leader. Well, guess what, i am offered to be cell leader as well. Honestly i dont even pray about it because as time passes, i know that it is so hard to be a leader and somehow my passion jst die along the way. Haha.. another more exciting experience for me is being chosen as a bible study group leader. Recently i got the offer by the way but i have had told God last year that i would wanna be one. I thought abt that at the start of my bible study but then i heard from a friend of mine that it is very hard to be a leader because basically you need to get offer from the lecturer. Now the whole lecture has got about 200 people and so the chance to be noticed is actually quite small. Additionally i am also not very active at the bible study. Therefore i never think about being one again until i was actually offered the position. I asked my leader why me, cos honestly there are so many more ppl who are more capable than me. So why me? Then the leader said that the lecturer chose be because of my story . I dont even know which story it is. Amazing right? But the accepting part is the hardest for me. I have a few considerations such as i have to sacrifice my wkend shifts because leaders meeting is every saturday, which also means that i earn less money (about $200less per week). Earning less money means it is going to be harder for me to get enough loan for mortgage because the loan is based on my income. That is also another dilemma for me bcos i really wanna settle here and get a house for my family. Anyway, another stupid reason i had was that i cant sleep in on my wkend. This is a problem for me bcos other than my wkend i needed to wake up early evry day so wkend is my only time to sleep in. But if i take this, it means that there is no more happy sleeping time. Haha.. well it does sound silly but this is also my consideration. Nevertheless i am really happy for the offer even though i dont think i have the criteria for that. In the end i still choose to do the right thing, that is to pray to God. Somehow in my prayer,God has brought me to few questions. I feel that He asked me whether my considerations are worthy compared to the offer. He asked me, if money is my concern, does that mean that i doubt God can provide for me? If i cant even sacrifice my sleeping time, am i not that selfish cos God even sacrifice His only son for my sins? In the end i chose to take the offer. It is not easy at all but i want to learn to trust Jesus in everything. Can you link this to my new job? look, my new job does not require me to work on saturdays, on top of that i can wake up later than usual on wkdays because my working hours is 9 to 5 and the office is near. You see.. God really tested my heart. He wanted to see if I would really lay down my things and do His things. And it is true in the bible it says that all the good things that you do will not go in vain but God sees them all and will reward you. God likes to test our faith. He said in the bible that our faith will go through the test of fire to see if we build it in Christ or from gold, silver, etc. Thus, if you are in the midst of waiting, dont be sorrow. Instead, be joyful, knowing that God sees all that you do for Him and your waiting time is not a wasting time but your waiting time is the time when God wants to shape you, when God is working behind the scene to get everything prepared for you, when you will see His glory instead of your glory. I can emphasize this enough... do the right thing, that is the most important of all because we will never know the schemes of the devil. Never let the devil get a hold of you through anything. God bless Gloria Orange girl ≧﹏≦


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