Let You be the author

More than a week ago, Holy Spirit convicted me about one room of my life,which key I have been holding on to. That room is my love life room. Honestly I thought that I have given the key to God and let Him take control of everything but the fact is I havent totally given the key to Him. Sometimes I took the key back. That was exactly what happened to me recently. Instead of trusting God, I have compromised in this area of my life. I didnt behave like what my identity is, that is to not be an initiator. I thought I am doing the right thing but Holy Spirit challenged me my motive. That is when I know that I have crossed the line.

Today, I want to make the commitment that I want to let God be the author of my love life. No longer will I take initiative or do sth that is according to my flesh. Instead I want to put my trust totally in Him knowing that even though it is hard, even though it is painful, even though nothing will happen, it will be worth it.

I am sorry Father for not trusting You and being rebellious. God.. clean my heart and let it be as pure and as white as snow. Reveal to me any wrong motives and help me to put off my old self and put on the character like You. I cant do this alone , and I know that only You ca help me. Please bear with me Father and please guide me in my steps so that I will always be in the right path.
Thank You God for being so good to me and thank You for the conviction. I believe that when I walk in faith with You Jesus, You will show me the wonders that no one has ever seen or heard.

All glory to Jesus
Orange girl


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