You are able!

Hey God! I REALLY WANNA SHOUT IT OUT LOUD.. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!! I wanna jump, sing and raise up my hand or if possible I wanna throw a party with You cos i just feel that You just parted my red sea. Hahahhaha... well.. not literally but You just perform a huge miracle in my life. Thank YOU thank You thank You. I love You Jesus!!! more and more every single day.

I recently got my reassessment result for my skill nomination. I guess I dont have to tell my result anymore cos the card is already on the table. Wheeeee :) i told my colleague the other day, well not just her but so many others that if I got a positive outcome, it is really God's miracle. Why is it a miracle for me? My initial assessment result was negative and i even applied for an explanation from the officer. The reason that he gave was pretty plain and square. The chance of my reassessment being approved is tiny... i repeat.. tiny... I went to so many other lawyers , some asked for heaps of money without guarantee, others told me that I have to find alternative way bcos this skill assessment thingy is not gonna work. This whole application thing just drained the last bit of me. I was frustrated, annoyed, stressed and devastated. Honestly my life was on a boat without a direction on a sea. I dunno where I will end up, not sure which way to go.  Even this reassessment thing that I ended up applying was really an act of faith. I have nothing else to depend on other than God. But i never regret that all this has to happen because at the end of it I feel like Im so much stronger and my faith has been tested and refined. I feel like during these few months I have grown so much and my relationship with God has improved a lot.

My friend who works with me together at the same company and whom also have the same education background as me, her assessment was rejected. She got her result about 2 weeks ago. When she told me, I just felt that my assessment will end up the same as her. thats why i just surrender, totally surrender and honestly dont think that it is possible anymore but God's plan is indeed beautiful at its time. Really i feel like He just parted my red sea, in other terms He just perform huge miracle in my life. One thing i learn from this is that in order to let God perform miracle in our life, we need to also do our part. Like how Moses raised his stick to part the sea, we needto do what we can. When i was applying for reassessment, actually i did the writingon my own. You have no idea how stress i feel cos i donthave any experience and my lawyer asked me to do it bcos he said i know my job best. i just write whatever i can with the knowledge that i have and in the end it works. Im not saying tht it is my work that this miracle can happen, no, it is different. But what im trying to say is if you want miracle to happen in ur life, sow some seed. Start praying and ask for specific thing that you want. If you want miracle to happen in ur finance, then start sowing, give more to church, give all you can because our God doesnt like to be in debt to us so He will give u back much more, with the interest. Haha..

Anyway, 2 days ago i received 2 emails, one frm vic state sponsorship and the other from dimia. The one from vic state sponsorship informed me that they have given their decision to DIAC. And the one from GSM, it was actually from the case officer. Really... oh MY GOD!! I just lodged my PR 2 weeks ago and now im about to get PR, isnt it a bit too soon? I didnt even dream about it. Really... im speechless. I dont deserve all these... im blessed beyond words but still a lot of times i complain and covet on whatothers have. i always wantto have what other people have. When i see other people can travel here and there i also want n i feel that my life has not been glorifying God. I have been so self absorbed. i really havent done a single thing to deserve what I have been given.

Anyway..  lets celebrate together not because i can get PR but bcause God is faithful.. His way is definitely higher than my way.
Aint our God awesome?


Orange Girl =)


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