Angels of the Lord (another testimony)

When i looked thru my past posts, i saw "angels of the Lprd" and i remembered how i was rescued when i was locked at home. Lol. This is another testimony that Gpd's hands are always on me and His angels encamp around me

Im throwing back the life experience when i was in Tassie last weekend. I went with my fam for 4 days trip and we rent a car. Me and my dad we took turn driving. It was my first time driving in countryside and driving speed was all above 70km/hr.
Soo.. we were otw back from bruny island, this is the first day if i was not mistaken. Dad was quite tired because we had early flight and has been driving since we arrived so i was in charge of driving back the car to the ferry station. I was actually quite tired and sleepy as well but was stubborn so i forced myself. I kept having bad feeling that sth might happen. ( as a man think, so he is - very true ).i went into the wrong intersection and realised , so i was planning to reverse the car and drove back since the road was pretty empty ( this is Tasmania). What i didnt realise was the road was too narrow for me to reverse our Kia Sportage and the next second the back of the car went into the dried drain. Yes LOL! I should have taken the pics . Those who were sleeping at the back was shocked and quickly they all realise that we were in "deep pit"


1. There is no way for us to push the car because it stucked on the hole so we cant stand behind the car to push it
2. It was a rent car - how much i would have needed to pay for the rescue???
3. We are in another island - yes it was only 1.30pm at that time but imagine how long we would need to wait for rescue and i dun even know how to describe where we were located.

I was quite helpless and still hadnt recovered from the shock when suddenly there was an old guy (i think he was either a mechanic or technician, not sure) who came out from his house and approached us. It was prob only 2 minutes after the incident. There was actually a house about 40m from us but i doubted anyone was there.  However at that time they were about to go somewhere when they saw our situation. Lol. All God's plan. The wife drove the car while the old man just came and without even asking if we need help or anything, he lied down and crawled to see if there is any place on the bottom of the car to place a hook. It wasnt a paved road and he was willing to actually lay down on the road (very thankful). Finally he found a place to hook and he quickly get a rope from his car (not sure what else are there in his car haha) and he tied it to his car and our car. He asked his wife to slowly drove the car while pulling our car and thankfully it worked!!

Few things that i would definitely say it is God's plan and not coincidence :
1  we didnt wait at all, the guy just came out and offer help
2 he was a mechanic or technician - if he is a common guy probably he wouldnt know how to help
3 he has a rope on his car
4 he drove a car that has the ability to do this job (i doubt that it will work if his car is a mini cooper thou he has all the 3 points above)

He and his wife were definitely God's angels that were sent to rescue us. 

All glory to God

Orange girl ;D


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