Insecurity issues

Today i had a random meet up with a friend on the train when i was going to work. To me it was random but in reality it was divine intervention.

She told me about the book that shes reading. Simple message but striking.

Sometimes we pray, people around continue to support us by saying that we should press on and keep waiting on God to grant our wish. Most of the times we pray for sth that we dont have. We continue to wait and wonder when the time will come, when it will happen or when we will get the things we pray for.

But rarely we consider our heart's attitude. what is the real motive behind our prayer? Why do we pray that prayer? What drives us to wait?Is it that we see what others have and wanting what they have? Do we continue to live in misery as we wait for God to give us what we want? Do we seek His hands more than His face? Those questions really point to the center of our hearts  and sometimes it is bitter to admit the truth. 

I realise a lot of times my prayers have wrong motive. The prayer itself is not wrong but the heart attitude is wrong. Im thankful that today God reveals the truth to me.

Glory to God
Orange girl  =)


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