First time teaching kids at church

About a week ago , the leader of the kids ministry at church contacted me and asked me if I could help teaching the younger kids (age 3 to 7) the coming sunday. I agreed to it because there was lack of teachers as this is holiday season even tho when I decided to join kids ministry I only sign up to teach older kids. The reason is because I know I am not good with kids. I dont have the skill and patient so maybe I think to myself, I can relate more to the older kids.

So today I was supposed to be the assistant to the main teacher (this is only my second time teaching in kids ministry) . I was only in charge of choosing some songs and doing some dance. However, early in the morning the main teacher told me that she is sick. So i ended up having to take care of the class with an emergency teacher which is my pastor's wife. All the materials have been provided, like the crafts and videos , but still it's pretty much impromptu.

The day before, ive already done some practice on the dance for the song . Haha it was quite fun. However on the day it was totally not like what i have expected. The class is in chaos. I never know kids are so difficult haha. I mean they just run around, they dont listen to you, they jump here and there.omgoshhhh i was in shocked and dont know what to do. Honestly for a control freak like me, this totally caught me by surprise. I was trying to get them sit on the carpet while listening to the songs, and they (only 5 kids) ran around, trying to touch my keyboard, asking to sit on the chair instead, etc. And even as we listen to the songs,only 1  or 2 kids listened intently,the others just .. oh well..
And then a kid wants to go out from the room.he was frowning. Im guessing hes around 4 yrs old.haha. and i asked him whats wrong. He told me church is boring. I was like -.-""""""" omgosh this kid is so honest. And then i try to persuade him by saying how can it be boring when he can play around and have fun, singing and doing crafts. But he keeps insisting that it is boring. So i asked him what does he wants, he just looked at me and cant answer me .. zzz... and then i persuaded him more by saying church is only once a week, it is the place where he can have fun with the other kids, and also hes going to listen to a story about a 8 year old king. And .. yay.. i finally able to persuade. Even tho it was such a simple thing, i really feel like ive achieved something ! Hahha bcossss im really not good with kids. If anythg, they hated me. Lol. And for this kid to change his mind and actually sit and watch the video, i really learn something out of it.
Firstly im glad that i didnt scold him or try to threaten him , which i was very tempted. My bad... i didnt know what else to do.
Secondly,  Im glad that God gave me the patience and the wisdom to deal with him. Ive never been so calm and just try to understand his needs. I guess he could feel that i was genuine thats why he trusted me and agreed to my request. Really praise God for the change of heart ! Haha

There are still so much to learn but im glad this year God has brought me to learn a new skill.  I believe it is a privilege and honor to be entrusted to teach the next generation. I pray that I may take this calling seriously and not give up when it gets hard. Please pray for me too ! ;)

All glory to God

Orange girl ;)


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