God moment

This week has been a big week for me. Many things happened and the things that I thought will happen this year has changed direction somehow. Regardless, I am excited in many ways

The highlight of this week is I experience God moment. What do I mean by that? Haha stay tuned.
As I have been starting to change my prayer style to listening to God's voice, I feel that I have received so much words from God yet I couldnt help but wonder are they really from God or just my own feeling?
Nevertheless I wrote all on  my journal daily.
This week theres something significant in my life that happened that somehow was related to the Word I receive last year but I was indecisive and not sure to believe it or not.  Until these 2 incidents happen

First one : I overslept and slept through my alarm on Tuesday. I have been having interrupted sleep for a while now and one of the nights was on that day. I normally wake up around 610am. I feel like someone is telling me that it is already 6.26am. I was half awake but just  thought nahh.. that cant be right.. so i was tossing for another minute and finally wake up thinking what if its right?? And then i quickly looked at my phone and saw 6.27am. That is crazy ! Straight away i knew that was the Holy Spirit's doing.

Second one : I got a word from God that He wanted me to take care of one of the cell group members. It was pretty random becos I have never prayed for her or at least she rarely crosses my mind. I put it down on my journal and keep in mind about that. Then on the same night she actually texted me but I was already asleep so I only knew it the next day. It was pretty random message, bear in mind I dont keep in touch with her on daily basis so I believe that it is more than coincidence. I replied her and finally she opened up to me about some stuff thats bothering her heart and its been a while. I dont know how to help her but in the end I told her what God told me. She was like : really? Did God really tell u that? . Reason behind is the previous week she prayed that God will use another person to tell her that she is loved by God. She just received an answered prayer. I was like WOW !
When i receive the word it wasnt smthing obvious, it only feels like an impression or thoughts that crosses my mind . But little did i know thats exactly how the Holy Spirit works inside me.
It is very encouraging because not only i know God spoke to me and use me but also it just confirms on other stuff that I was concerned about..

God you are amazing. Thank you 😘😘😙😚

All glory to God

Orange girl :)


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