When I have many enemies

Psalm 5
8 Lord, I have many enemies.
Lead me in your right path.
Make your way smooth and straight for me.
9 Not a word from their mouths can be trusted.
Their hearts are filled with plans to destroy others.
Their throats are like open graves.
With their tongues they tell lies.

10 God, show that they are guilty.
Let their evil plans bring them down.
Send them away because of their many sins.
They have refused to obey you.
11 But let all those who go to you for safety be glad.
Let them always sing with joy.
Spread your cover over them and keep them safe.
Then those who love you will be glad because of you.
12 Lord, you bless those who do what is right.
Like a shield, your loving care keeps them safe.

My enemies are many, unfortunately I have to spend 40 hours a week with them. These enemies are exactly like what is decribed in the verse above and I really want to pray the same prayer as verse 10. But it isnt right. God is surely in control and He will work all things for the good of those who love Him( romans 8:28).
I face so much persecutions , cheating and harsh words from people up to the point that I actually blew up this morning.
Never do I complain about Gor nor I do bad to others but there are just
People who are jealous of me and tell lies about me. People will ask me to do this and that and then backstab me. To be able to pass a day peacefully is blessing for me let alone expecting appreciation from people.
Sometimes I wonder how much more should I bear all this, I keep telling myself that I am not easily offended, I do all I can to calm myself down. When they started "barking", I just went away instead of barking back. Then what they will do is they will bark at other person so that that person will bark back at me. There is nowhere I can run or anyone I can tell because no one can be trusted at work. There is also no point explaining because who will trust me anyway?

Only God hears my cry, know my situation and send me His abundant love. The whole world may go against me but i wont be shaken because I know God is on my side. Human can plan but ultimately God's plan prevail. Though it is hard but I will try to endure... may God's name be spreaded through this. I am glad I didn't bark back though it was really tempting. I wont fall into their bait.

God... you are sovereign. You are not far, in fact you are very very close to me. Thank you for watching over me and shielding me. The only hope I have is in You. Thank You that this too will pass. Thank You that through this I learn about what it means to be persecuted for Your name and thank You that I have to learn it this way that I may not win men's favor but Your favor. God... teach me to forgive the way you do, walk with me through the
Process and enable me to bless them instead of cursing them. Forgive them for they dont know what they are doing

May Your Name be lifted Higher

I will live to love You
I will live to bring You praise

Orange Girl :)


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